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Create your own virtual and physical cards ready-to-use right away. Use Finti platform to add as many cards as you want to personal and corporate clients.

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Credit Card
Plastic or Virtual
Plastic or Virtual

Let your clients issue debit cards, either plastic or virtual, in several currencies and benefit from the easiest and most convenient payment method used all over the world.

Businesses and Individuals
For Businesses and Individuals

Card issuing fits for everyone, from individuals to large corporations. Either you need a personal debit card for purchases or payroll cards for managing your employees salaries, you are backed by our platform.

Apple and Google Pay
Apple Pay and Google Pay

Finti's smartphone apps are Apple Pay and Google Pay ready, enabling your customers to experience fast and secure payments. Just add the card to the respective wallet, from the app or directly and enjoy the safest payment way of today!

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Ready to jump in? Let us guide you to the new era of financial services!

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