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Cutting-edge platform powered by Finti will help you make a smooth and quick start in the fintech industry. A complete and cost effective software suite, offered as a white label solution, to cover all of your needs, up and running in a matter of days.

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Why Finti

Using Finti's platform you get your fully branded financial solution, fast and cost efficient.
Focus on your business and let Finti do all the heavy lifting for you.

Fast delivery

Time is money and we know that having your neobank up and running as fast as possible, is your number one priority. That's why you can relay on Finti and get your product ready in a matter of days instead of months.

Cost effective

Using Finti's off-the-shelf solutions, you get what you need in no time and in a very budget friendly manner. Stop wasting resources on undelivered promises or trying to make your own "somehow working" app.

Customizable like you

The customizable and user friendly UI, guarantees a fluent and frictionless experience for your users. Colors, look and feel, for both web and mobile devices, can be changed to match your own brand style.

Secure and Scalable

Finti's platform is PCI DSS 3.2 compliant, meaning that maximum security measures have been taken in place to keep the bad guys outside. And no worries if you grow fast, as the whole solution is scalable and will grow with you.

Integrated with industry leaders

Having integrations with industry's leaders service providers, gives you the opportunity to mix and match services, based on your needs. However, you can bring your own service and have it integrated just for you.

Day-to-day support

We stand by you to support your daily business needs and improve our services. Expect minimum response times and friendly attitude. Never gonna let you down. And that's a promise.

Our platform services

Multiple Payment Types

We support all popular money transferring methods, like SEPA, SWIFT, UK Faster Payments, Direct Debit and many more.

B2B and B2C Banking

Our user friendly and feature rich platform covers all your business needs, for both Consumer and Business banking.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Finti's smartphone apps are Apple Pay and Google Pay ready, enabling your customers to experience fast and secure payments.

Multiple Integrations

Integrations with multiple EMI's and API's gives you the opportunity to mix and match services to satisfy your business.
Our Partners

Multi Currency accounts

EUR, GBP, USD, you name it. Open accounts in several currencies along with IBANs, Sort Codes etc to cover all your financial needs.

Card Issuing

Issue and manage your favorite Visa and Mastercard cards, either plastic or virtual.

Verification and Monitoring

Our KYC and KYB procedues, along with Transaction Monitoring and in collaboration with third party services, enables easy On Boarding and constant monitoring of all transactions.

FX and Crypto

Send and Receive Crypto or exchange in different currencies effortlessly with our integrated modules.

Partners & Projects


Frequently Asked Questions

Finti is not a financial institution, hence we do not offer any financial licensing services. However, we can help you on this request and introduce you to partners who can offer such services. Contact us for more.

Our platform is already integrated with EML, Railsbank and DiPocket BaaS providers, but we can easily integrate, virtually to any other BaaS provider. Given our agility and flexibility of the platform we can offer the ability to mix and match services and products from different BaaS providers under a single brand.

The platform offers Consumer and Corporate programmes, along with supplementary smartphone apps. Some of the platform key features are: Powerful backoffice, Accounts with IBAN or similar / SEPA, SWIFT and internal transfers / UK Faster Payments / BACS, Multi-currency accounts, Card issuing (plastic or virtual), Meal vouchers, Gift cards, Rewards programme, Corporate Payroll and Expenses management, Cryptos, FX, Custom Prices and Fees, Apple Pay/Google Pay etc.

Yes, we can integrate any third party provider, as long as it provides sufficient API and meets the compliance and quality standards. Also, feel free to discuss with us your business needs and we can introduce new functionalities that fits you or develop any other software.

Apple Pay / Google Pay is the trending, convenient and safe way that more and more people every day choose to pay with, so naturally our smartphone applications are compatible with both of them.

We are only limited by the limits set from the BaaS or the Financial Institutions that we are integrated with. Our platform is more than capable to handle multiple instances of services, even from different providers at the same time.

The proprietary software architecture and the state of the art infrastrature we use, can guarantee a frictionless offer of our services to your clients and scale up to your needs. On top of this, the platform is PCI DSS 3.2 certified as we have extensive collaborations with third party security organizations so you can feel safe and focus only on your business.

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